Weapon Type: Firearm

Featured in: Condemned 2: Bloodshot
Occurrence: Rare

Damage: Low
Rate of Fire: Fully Automatic
Accuracy: Average
Shots per clip: 20

The Subgun is a firearm that appears in Condemned 2: Bloodshot replacing the submachine gun from Condemned: Criminal Origins. It can only be found in the Preston Hotel level. It is a fully-automatic submachine gun with a 20-round magazine and a high rate of fire, though it is quite weak. The Subgun is based off of the real life Uzi submachine gun.


  • Concept art in the game depicts the subgun as a Mini-Uzi, rather than a full-sized Uzi. It is also shown with a surpressor and folding stock attached, neither of which appear in the final game.
  • When playing in FPS mode, the player will spawn with the subgun in the Museum level, even though this weapon is never actually found in that level.

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