I know this isnt going to be the story of condemned 3 if it gets released, which im not so sure of since the Condemned series didnt really get much of the crowd it deserved. But this is my idea of what could happen if condemned 3 ever came out.


Ethan Thomas is becoming back to normal. He is trying to hold down a decent job to get back up on life. He has quit his drinking and suddenly gets a head-ache but not an ordinary head-ache. He later discovers another rise of crime and dead birds and begins to worry. He eventually discovers that SKX is now part of the Oro. He once again must save Metro City from the evil hands of the Oro and fight off as many influenced to survive and finally put an end to him and SKX's rivalry

Level 1 - 12, Metro City Streets

Several months after Bloodshot, (2-3 months), Ethan Thomas, now quitting his drinking and trying to hold down a job and become more civilized like in Criminal origins, is walking home from visit to Pierce Lerue. He went to see how he was since Lerue's leg is still recovering. So while walking home, Ethan suffers a strange yet familar head-ache. Ethan recovers and looks around and notices no cars, or people are near by. He continues walking ignoreing the strange event and suffers another head-ache. Now irritated, Ethan turns and notices a group of men following him. They are aggresive muggers who attack Ethan. (this is where the tutorial takes place.) Ethan eventually knocks out the men and the police arrive. The police take the muggers away and Ethan is free. The player must continue down the road to home but is attacked by many Demons on the way.

Level 2 - 12, Metro Apartments (Preston Hotel Much?)

Ethan, now worried about the demons, calls Rosa to let her know about his encounter with the Demons. Rosa comes over to visit. Rosa and Ethan discuss what happened and suddenly Ethan blacks out. Ethan then wakes to a destroyed apartment room. He begins calling for Rosa. Ethan hears a noise downstairs and goes down. He is attacked by several influenced and Demons. After defeating multiple enemies, Rosa can be heard from another room. Ethan finally finds her chained up. Ethan begins to ask what happened and Ethan is suddenly stabbed in the back with a knife. Ethan then wakes from the dream and tells Rosa not to worry. Ethan is now very concerned in the things occuring.

Level 3 - 12, The SCU building

Ethan, who is still angry at the SCU, goes to see Lerue again who has now returned to the SCU. Lerue is practicing

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